In this Page you will find a Kaleidoscopic offer of Art Courses, Illustration 

Programmes remote or in person.

Addressed to any Age Range and Multiple Levels, from Beginners to Advanced_

Drawing & Illustration Workshops 


Children's Book from Doodle to Art

Enrichment Programme for Kids 

On Story Telling and Drawing Narrative - Goal of the Course Build a Children's Book for Kids or for Mum and Kid, playful exercise to explore creativity and your own imagery and narrative  potential_


Learning How to Sketch your Own Self-Portrait
with Multiple Drawing Techniques

Mixed Techniques for anyone to improve the drawing process and explore Visages construction and empower the drawing and creative process. From basic tools to digital options_


for Graphic Novels


Design your Own Graphic Novel
Narrative Techniques and Storyboard for Writers or Illustrator 

The course is aimed at creative people who want to explore the world of children's illustration through a classic text, tale, or story.
how to illustrate a classic children's story, providing a personal vision of the text through images. The Illustrator shows you the essential steps for taking on a children's illustration editorial project based on a story, from creating first sketches and experimenting with new techniques to the creation of your final illustration.